Rival Body Protector - THE SHIELD

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The evolution of the most dynamic piece of equipment in a trainers repertoire has arrived.

After over a year of development and testing, Rival is proud to introduce the newest, highest performing standard in a body protector that the boxing world has ever seen.

While you may not be able to leap tall building in a single bound, the hardest punches thrown will be like bullets bouncing off Superman's chest. This body shield now makes you, the coach, feel invincible.

  • Made of industrial quality synthetic Rich PU to withstand the most vigorous training schedules
  • Over 4 inches (20 cm) of polyurethane, EVA and High density foam padding sandwiched around a 2.5 mm thick sheet of plastic, to be able to withstand the hardest punchers in the game.
  • Perfectly balanced to comfortably sit on your shoulders with our padded shoulder straps
  • Complete ergonomic adjustment straps at the shoulders, back and sides for a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Freedom of movement of the arms for use with your mitt work as well 
  • Simply put, the best there is!
  • Performance guaranteed

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